RFC3s are a scripture reading and discipleship tool to help us grow in our hunger and heart for God and His Kingdom. They are groups of 3 or 4 individuals who aim to read the same passage of the bible each day, and through a media platform comment daily to the group on what they have read. Groups aim to meet face to face every two or three weeks to pray, encourage and spur one another on.


As we seek to grow in Christ like character, RFC3s are a discipleship tool that can help us cultivate;

  • Regular Reading
  • Fuller Friendship
  • Deeper Discipleship


Anyone can start an RFC3! If you want to be in one, ask a couple of people to join you and get going! We suggest that you commit to a group for a period of either 6 months or one year. If you are not sure who to ask, why not ask a few people in your lifegroup?

Steps to running an RFC3;

  • Invite Some People
  • Choose Your Tech
  • Choose Your Rhythm
  • Choose Your Reading Plan (See below)
  • Off You Go!

Reading Plans

Psalms & Proverbs






1,2,3 John

By being part of a 3 I found that I was being encouraged, challenged and constantly had my gaze fixed on Jesus Tex Chettiar