Pastoral Care

At RFC we love and care about people and want them to find the support they need in our family. Most of the care we need will be found through everyday friendships, but there will always be times when we just need that extra help to get us through.

What we can all do

  • Get connected – get to know people by joining one of our many lifegroups
  • Look out for each other – we recognise we are all able to offer support to those around us, through encouragement, material needs, or just going for coffee and listening
  • Pray – we believe situations can be transformed when we prayin the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Take responsibility – we encourage people, as best they can, to take responsibility for their own lives
  • Ways to access help


    One of your first people you can speak to if you need help is your lifegroup leader, they will not be an expert but will listen and will be able to connect you to someone who may be able to help more.

    Prayer Team

    After each meeting on a Sunday there is a prayer team available to hear you and pray for you.

    Pastoral Care Team

    The team is made up of brilliant volunteers who have compassion; are good at listening to people and to the Holy Spirit; and who have experienced something of life. They do not provide a professional counselling service but are able to help people navigate the difficult moments in life. You can contact the team by emailing

    Requests for help

    Requests for pastoral care can be made through the office (please note that we prioritise people who attend RFC regularly)



    01189876278 (Mon – Fri, 9am-5pm)

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