Lifegroups are a great place to make friends, be equipped for the challenges of life and to grow in God. This term, all our lifegroups are classics and will be tracking the ‘Invited’ sermon series. No matter who you are, or what you have been through, you are welcome. We will be encouraged to share our stories and listen to others. The sign up window opens at 9pm on 14th April 2019. To join a lifegroup mid-term or for more information contact Scott Taylor or email

The “Why?” of Midweek Lifegroups

We want everyone who comes to our church to find friendship, be equipped to follow Jesus and grow in their love for God and His people. We do this through meeting on a Sunday and also gathering in smaller, midweek life groups.

Our Lifegroups are a place to connect around interests; be equipped to follow Christ; and grow in love for God and his people. Sean Green, Elder


Lifegroups follow a termly cycle and the Summer Term 2019 will start the week beginning Monday 29 April. The lifegroups for the Spring Term will be listed before Easter 2019 and the sign up window is open from 9pm on Sunday 14 April 2019, so you can choose one that suits you.

Most lifegroups meet during the school term for about 12 weeks. However, the frequency of the meetings is explained in the lifegroup’s description.

Lifegroups are organised by days of the week. You are free to choose a lifegroup by location, focus or leader of the lifegroup. We hope there is something for everyone. Leaders will be available during sign-up to give more details of what they are doing. Some lifegroups have a limited number of spaces so sign up quickly!

Sundays and lifegroups are the heart of life at RFC, so we would love everyone to be part of a lifegroup, but no one is forced to sign up.

Yes, please! We would like everyone to sign up again.

The sign-up is for one term at a time. For lifegroups to develop friendships and grow in faith together, we encourage everyone to attend every session, if possible, for the weeks the lifegroup is running. At the end of the term you have the option to sign up again if the lifegroup is continuing, join another lifegroup or take a break.

The lifegroup leader will contact you to confirm the details of start date, when and where the lifegroup will meet and welcome you into the lifegroup.

Some lifegroups will not be open after a few weeks so that real friendships can develop. But we do have lifegroups which remain open all term so that new people can get involved at any stage. Click through to the lifegroups to see the current list of lifegroups you can join or speak to someone at the Welcome/Information Desk on Sunday.

You can speak to your lifegroup leader, Scott Taylor or email

Please talk with Scott Taylor or email about next steps.